How does it Work?

You may have just sold several pieces of advice and are waiting on being paid from one or several clients. In this case you now have to wait to receive monies from the client. In some cases, this could be 30, 60, and 90 days or more before you receive funds.

Alternatively, you may be short of monies for whatever reason and you require immediate short term business finance until some accounts settle.

In business cash flow is king and rather than waiting for funds we can give you access to your future funds within 24-48 hours. Essentially we offer fast business finance.

At VIP Cashflow we specialise in providing short term business loans for Accountants and Small Business. You can now access immediate Cash flow which allows you to carrying on what you do best – selling your services.

You no longer need to wait as we will be able to provide a short term business loan to you immediately. All we need is a little information from you and then we will be able to deposit monies directly into your account.

What’s the Process?

Step 1: Complete an Application Form

Please fill it out and sign the application and fax it back to us with a copy of the following documents:

  • Copy of Your Driver’s license – Directors/owner (first time only)
  • Other Supporting Documentation this will depend on each individual situation.

You can submit your application form by to us by email

Step 2: Review and Acceptance

Once we have received your application we review it and approve it (subject to it meeting our guidelines). At this moment we will conduct a Company credit check and other due diligence.

We will then send you a Short Term Loan Agreement where the terms and agreed settlement date are listed. Simply sign this and fax it back. Other paperwork may be required depending on the type of loan required.

Step 3: Funds in Your Account

Once we have received the Short Term Loan Agreement, we will then deposit funds directly into your account, less the relevant interest/fees owing to VIP Cashflow.

To Apply Now simply click on the link below to fill in our online application form, or call 1300 736 676 and we will email one to you.

View – Accountants Application Form